Hindu Temple and Cultural Center





Dr. Khimanand Upreti

Phone number:

(515) 795-2635



Sri Vishnu Parayanam Daily 9:00 AM (1st Sat of Month – 8:00 AM) 

Shiva/Rudra Abhishekam Monday 6:45PM 

Lakshmi Pooja Friday 6:45PM 

Balaji Abhishekam 1st Saturdays 10:00AM 

Ganesha Abhishekam 2nd Saturdays 10:30AM 

Parvati Abhishekam 3rd Saturdays 10:30AM 

Karthikeya Abhishekam 4rd Saturdays 10:30AM 

Durga Pooja 5th Saturdays 10:30AM 

Bhagavad Geetha 1st Sundays 10:30AM 

Satyanarayana Pooja 2nd Sundays 10:30AM 

Navagraha Abhishekam 3rd Sundays 10:30AM 

Sundarakanda Patan 4th Sundays 10:30AM 

Ram Parivar Pooja 5th Sundays 10:30AM

Dress modestly

Remove shoes upon entering the temple

Do not point outstretched legs toward the images of the deities or the priests

Do not take photographs in the main worship hall.

The temple hosts a variety of services; most, however, come to worship the deities outside of scheduled activities.

It is traditional to walk around the main worship hall in clockwise motion, keeping the main deity (Balaji) on your right side.

Wait until invited to dance, at the end of the service everyone will dance

Student Testimonial

The Hindu Temple and Cultural Center in Madrid, Iowa, stands above corn and soybean fields, symbolizing the arrival of the world in rural Iowa. The site, located across from the Des Moines River, is considered auspicious due to its proximity to water, a sacred source of purity in Hinduism. The Temple’s priests, Dr. Khimanand Upreti and Pundit Vasudevakumar Narayanam, take murtis, Hindu deity statues, to the riverbanks for devotional practices like abhishekam. Since its 2002 groundbreaking, the sacred space has been used for worship, housing the main deity, Sri Venkateshwara, while the innermost sanctuary, the garbhagriha, is under construction. 

The Des Moines Hindu Temple, a complex structure, was designed by artisans from India to reflect the architectural styles of both Northern and Southern Indian temples. The temple’s members, including Dr. Prem Sahai, a member of the central Iowa Hindu community, dreamed of a place of worship for Hindus and a cultural center to reduce misunderstandings between religions. Dr. Sahai’s vision was to create a cultural center that educated the community about the common grounds of different religions. Despite the decades-long labor required, Dr. Sahai passed away just before construction began, leaving his dream unfulfilled. His nephew, Dr. Navin Gupta, and his sons have been determined to help make it a reality. 

Dr. Anil Sahai, the first chairperson of the Hindu Temple, played a crucial role in uniting the Hindu community around the construction of the temple. His dedication extended to tasks like mopping floors and encouraging litter collection. The Temple celebrated kumbhabhishekham three years after its foundation in 2005, inviting deities to dwell in individual murtis. Priests from Chicago and Omaha participated in the seven-day ceremony, which continues annually for 2-3 days of summer anniversary celebrations. Dr. Sahai’s humility and hard work inspired others to come together and contribute to the temple’s success. His leadership and selfless dedication have left a lasting impact on the Hindu community in the area.

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