4/1: Iftar Dinner at Ezan Islamic and Education Center

On Saturday April 1 at 7:30 pm, Ezan Islamic and Education Center (6206 Douglas Ave, Des Moines) is hosting an iftar dinner for the public.  

This Bosnian Muslim community will first break the fast (with dates and water) and pray, after which we will all enjoy a sumptuous feast.

For this mosque, women and men pray in the same room, with women behind men. Female guests can sit behind the women, male, along the side of the room in the men’s section. (You may be asked if you want to join in the prayer; you can if you like, though certainly need not.)

No shorts or short sleeves. Women should cover hair with a scarf. Shoes should be removed upon entering the mosque. 

(photo by Bob Blanchard)
(photo by Bob Blanchard)
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