Bosnian Islamic Center ZemZem





Imam Enes

Phone Number:



Fajr Time (first prayer)


Isha Time (last prayer)

Women should cover their wrists and ankles, and should also cover their heads/hair with a scarf. 

Men should not wear shorts. 

All should be prepared to remove their shoes upon entering. 

Student Testimonial


The Bosnian Islamic Center ZemZem,  located at 3500 2nd Ave, Des Moines, IA  Des Moines, Iowa, stands as a beacon of Sunni Islamic practice, radiating inclusivity and accessibility to all who seek spiritual guidance within its walls. While predominantly attended by Bosnians, its doors swing open to embrace individuals from diverse ethnic backgrounds during Jumu’ah prayers and other communal gatherings. During my insightful conversation with Imam Enes, spanning about two and a half hours, I found out about the diverse offerings of this center. Beyond merely a place of worship, it serves as a nurturing ground for young kids through its Sunday school program. Here, children not only dive into the depths of religious knowledge but also unravel the mysteries of Arabic letters, alongside memorizing the Quran. Within its walls, both men and women find spaces for prayer, with a provided option of a secluded area ensuring both comfort and privacy. Moreover, the center attends to the sacred ritual of Odhu, maintaining a comfortable environment for ablution, a crucial aspect of Islamic practice. In fulfilling the spiritual desires of its congregation, the Bosnian Islamic Center ZemZem orchestrates the rhythm of the five daily prayers, harmonized with the grandeur of Jumu’ah prayers, a cornerstone of Islamic communal worship. With its pulsating energy and warm embrace, this community hub serves as a melting pot where individuals from various walks of life converge, finding common ground in their shared faith. Whether Bosnian, African American, Hispanic, or of any other ethnicity, all are welcomed with open arms, embodying the true essence of Islamic brotherhood. At the heart of ZemZem, lies its Sunday school program, a beacon of enlightenment for the younger generation. Here, under the guidance of dedicated teachers, children immerse themselves in the teachings of Islam, nurturing their spiritual growth while simultaneously honing their Arabic language skills. From learning the intricacies of Islamic culture to reciting the verses of the Quran, the Sunday school curriculum is designed to instill a deep-rooted understanding of faith and culture.As Imam Enes graciously shared during our conversation, this commitment to education is at the core of the center’s mission. Through engaging classes, interactive discussions, and different activities, individuals of all ages are empowered to deepen their connection with their faith, fostering a sense of belonging and unity within the community.  Furthermore, As I Spoke with Imam ZemZem he wanted to make it clear that the center’s dedication to accessibility ensures that every member of the community, regardless of physical ability, feels welcomed and valued. While efforts are ongoing to confirm wheelchair amenities, the center has already taken proactive steps to provide accessible parking and toilets, embodying its commitment to inclusivity. In essence, the Bosnian Islamic Center ZemZem stands as a place of worship and a vibrant area of community life.

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