Cottage Grove Church





Ikki Soma Lead Pastor

Adam White Executive Pastor

Phone Number:




9:00 am


10:45 am

Ask that only those who have acknowledged Jesus Christ as their savior take communion

Casual Dress

All are welcome

Many students attend and participate in Salt, which they host.

Student Testimonial


Cottage Grove Church, sited at 1050 24th St, Des Moines, IA 50311, is a vibrant aura of faith and community at the heart of Des Moines. Led by Pastor Ikki Soma and Executive Pastor Adam White, along with a diverse team, Cottage Grove Church is deeply committed to spreading the Gospel and living out its core beliefs.At the core of Cottage Grove Church are its foundational beliefs, which guide its faith and actions. These beliefs, rooted in scripture-based teachings, emphasize the Bible as the ultimate authority for its faith and practice. They are not just abstract ideas but practical truths that shape the lives of members and interactions within the community.The church’s mission is centered on spreading the Gospel throughout Des Moines. This mission, inspired by the teachings of Jesus, permeates every aspect of the church’s activities. Central to this mission is discipleship, reflecting Jesus’s mandate to make followers. Cottage Grove Church believes that every disciple is called to make disciples, a principle upheld through building authentic relationships, assessing spiritual growth, and setting transformational goals.Authenticity is highly valued at Cottage Grove Church. Members are encouraged to be honest with God, themselves, and others, knowing the forgiveness offered through Jesus. Transparency, vulnerability, and grace are key components of the church’s culture. Neighboring is another essential value at Cottage Grove Church. Members are called to love their neighbors as themselves, seeking the welfare of the community above personal interests. Through acts of service and love, the church strives to reflect Christ’s love in tangible ways in their neighborhoods, workplaces, and recreational activities.Diversity is celebrated and embraced at Cottage Grove Church. The church recognizes and appreciates the unity in diversity among its members, which includes differences in cultural/ethnic backgrounds, socio-economic statuses, and generational divides. This diversity enriches the community and reflects the unity found in God’s image bearers.In conclusion, Cottage Grove Church is a dynamic community of believers committed to living out their faith in Des Moines and beyond. Led by Pastor Ikki Soma and Executive Pastor Adam White, the church’s values of discipleship, authenticity, neighboring, and diversity shape its interactions and reflect the love of Christ to the world. Through its commitment to spreading the Gospel and living out its core beliefs, Cottage Grove Church continues to be a beacon of hope and love in the Des Moines community.

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