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Student Testimonial

By: Reys Aden

Bosnians began immigrating to America, as refugees, in the mid-1990s, as the wars in the former Yugoslavia ravaged their homeland. Many of these refugees settled in the greater Des Moines area, perhaps as many as 30,000. Upon arrival, these refugees found themselves missing the cultural and religious practices that once suffused their lives. It did not take them long, therefore, to establish the first Bosnian mosque in Des Moines: Bosniak Islamic and Cultural Center.

Since its establishment in 2005, the Bosniak Islamic and Cultural Center has served the large Bosnian population in greater Des Moines. The mosque used to be in a commercial space at the corner of Hickman and Lower Beaver. Due to the community’s exceptional growth, however, Bosniak Islamic and Cultural Center is built a new mosque in Granger. This will be the first mosque that is built as a mosque (and “looks like a mosque”) in the greater Des Moines area. With the construction of this massive facility, the community hopes to provide a greater array of services and to reach a greater array of people. While the community primarily serves Bosnian-American Muslims, it is still incredibly diverse. Islam itself includes individuals from every corner of globe, not just Bosnia and the Middle East but also Africa, Persia, Indo-Pakistan, and SE Asia (Indonesia, Malaysia). Symbolic of the wide diversity of the Muslim people, the community at the Islamic and Cultural Center Bosniak invites all followers of Islam to practice alongside them, regardless of their cultural heritage.

Activities provided are, Qur’an class focuses primarily on the study of the Qur’an, the sacred text of Islam. Emphasizing the Sufara method, students engage in both individual and group readings, fostering comprehension and mastery of Tajweed rules while also encouraging memorization and recitation. This structured environment serves individuals of all ages, nurturing a profound connection with the Qur’an and preserving Islamic knowledge.

Mekteb stands as the foundational institution for Islamic education in Bosnia and Herzegovina, aiming to cultivate a holistic Islamic identity. Its educational objectives encompass the cultivation of faith, adherence to religious principles, and integration of Islamic values into daily life. This educational endeavor involves nurturing inner conviction, acquiring knowledge of Islamic principles, and manifesting these beliefs through refined Islamic conduct.

Ilahije, or nasheeds, represent a cherished tradition within Islamic culture, serving as expressions of devotion and gratitude to Allah. These spiritual songs hold a significant place in religious ceremonies and gatherings, transcending linguistic and cultural boundaries. Bošnjak, our nasheed group, offers a platform for youth to engage with Bosnian Muslim culture through participation in community events and social gatherings.

The folklor section endeavors to preserve Bosnian traditions and heritage, fostering a sense of cultural identity and belonging among the youth. Through the promotion of folk costumes and traditional dances, such as those showcased by Kud Sevdah, we aim to instill an appreciation for Bosnia and Herzegovina while providing a wholesome alternative for social engagement.

Islamic and Cultural Center Bosniak provides indispensable services tailored to the diverse needs of the Muslim community. From facilitating janazas (funeral) and nikah ceremonies in accordance with Islamic customs to coordinating hajj pilgrimages in partnership with ICNAB, our center supports crucial life events and spiritual growth. Weekly khutbas offer guidance on religious and social matters, fostering a nurturing environment for worship, learning, and community enrichment.

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