Masjid Sahabah






Jumah Prayer:

Friday 12:30 pm (winter months)

1:30 pm (during daylight savings time) 

For the community prayer on Friday (Jumu’ah), the imam will give a sermon (khutbah) of approximately 20 minutes. After that, there will be a call to prayer, then the community will pray. Please move in back of people praying when the prayer begins. 

Do not get in between someone who is praying and the mihrab toward which they are praying (which points the direction to Mecca).


Women: cover from their wrists to ankles, including a scarf to cover hair/head 

Men: Do not wear shorts 

All should be prepared to remove shoes upon entering

Women and men do not sit together, the entrance for the women’s section is up the stairs and straight ahead while the men will turn right at the top of the stairs.  

In some mosques, women and men don’t touch.

Refrain from extending your hand to the opposite sex, unless they extend first to shake your hand. 

Student Testimonial

By: Reys Aden

Masjid Sahabah has been serving the community for the past 8 years, initially operating within a limited rented office space of 1100 square feet. Despite the constraints, the center has successfully conducted a range of educational programs and activities aimed at enriching the spiritual and intellectual growth of its members. Located at 14225 University Ave, Waukee, IA 50263, the demographic of this mosque is mainly desi.

Masjid Sahabah offers various array of educational programs and activities aimed at strengthening spiritual and intellectual growth within the community. These include instruction in Quranic recitation with Tajweed principles, Quran memorization (Hifz), specialized classes for teenage girls, and engaging Islamic learning activities catered to children between the ages of 8 and 12. In addition to these programs, the mosque hosts various other activities such as daily Salah, Friday prayers, and arrangements for Huffaz during Ramadan for Taraweeh prayers. Daily and weekly sessions on Hadith, Sirah, the lives of Sahabah (companions of the prophet), and the pillars of Islam are also conducted, providing attendees with comprehensive insights into Islamic teachings and traditions. Separate weekly sessions are organized for girls and boys to facilitate focused Islamic education, while outreach efforts are made through weekly Dawah programs. Moreover, the center offers Islamic counseling services and facilitates the solemnization of Islamic marriages.

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