Our Lecture and Dialogue Series

Our Lecture and Dialogue Series in comparative philosophy of religion explores a different religious theme every two years through scholar lectures, practitioner dialogues, and comparative conclusions. Each series’ lectures and conclusions are published through a book-series publishing contract with the international publisher Springer. Each semester a Drake University course in Comparative Religion accompanies the series.

The Comparison Project launched its lecture and dialogue series in the comparative philosophy of religion during the 2012-13 academic year. It is, therefore, the oldest component of The Comparison Project. It is also still the “core” component of The Comparison Project.

Each series takes up a different theme in the comparative philosophy of religion. Leading scholars of religion explore the theme in the religious traditions they study. Local practitioners of religious dialogue with one another about the theme in the religious traditions they practice. Comparative philosophers of religion then raise questions of philosophical significance about the theme in comparative perspective.

Through this programming, The Comparison Project seeks not only to educate our local audiences but also to transform the scholarly practice of philosophy of religion, a practice that all too often neglects non-western and pre-modern religious traditions. To this end, we will begin publishing our lectures and comparisons as edited essay collections with Springer Publishing in 2017.

2017-2017 Theme: Miracles
2015-2017 Theme: Death and Dying
2013–2015 Theme: Religion Beyond Words
2012–2013 Theme: Religious Responses to Suffering

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