Saint Paul AME Church





Reverend Dr. Fredrick K Gaddy

Phone Number:

(515) 288-4419

More information found on their website:

 Sunday’s Service:

8:30 AM

10 AM

11 AM



 Their dress code for services is modest outfits.






Student Testimonial

By: Aniyah Davis 


It has been active since October 9th, 1872, in a small cottage on Park Street, and in April of 1882 a lot was purchased on behalf of the congregation. By December of 1882, the property was then conveyed to the congregation and had been repaid in full amount. During the year 1918, new land was purchased at 12th and Crocker Streets where a very large and “beautiful church edifice was erected”. This new land was labeled a church and was said to be the “best church ever built by Negroes between Chicago and Denver”.

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